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10.11.2021 07:07 - Пътят към Ада
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The Road to Hell Chris Rea    Stood still on a highway I saw a woman By the side of the road With a face that I knew like my own Reflected in my window Well she walked up to my quarterlight And she bent down real slow A fearful pressure paralysed me In my shadow   She said, ‘Son,what are you doing here? My fear for you has turned me in my grave.’ I said, ‘Mama, I come to the valley of the rich Myself to sell.’ She said, ‘Son, this is a road to Hell.’   On your journey ’cross the wilderness From the desert to the well You have strayed upon the motorway to Hell   Well I’m standing by a river But the water doesn’t flow it boils with every poison you can think of And I’m underneath the streetlights But the light of joy I know Scared beyond belief way down in the shadows And the perverted fear of violence Chokes a smile on every face And common sense is ringing out the bells This ain’t no technological breakdown Oh no, this is the road to Hell   And all the roads jam up with credit And there’s nothing you can do It’s all just bits of paper Flying away from you Look out world take a good look What comes down here You must learn this lesson fast And learn it well This ain’t no upwardly mobile freeway Oh no, this is the road, this is the road, This is the road to Hell

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1. anetta - И раят и ада..
10.11.2021 08:52
са тук на земята..зависи в какво избираме да живеем...там където насочим вниманието то става силно и ни завладява..: )
Поздрави, Тони. : )
2. krumbelosvet - Явно
10.11.2021 10:30
това е англосаксонският ад.
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