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28.03.2021 22:48 - Легендата за Юе Лин
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 Анимирана аудио книга на китайски с английски субтитри.
Премиерата на 3 част е след 15 мин. защото ще бъде 12ч. на обяд в Китай.

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[Anime Audio Book] The Legend of Yuelin Eng Sub | Chinese Historic Romance Drama 1080P 
[Anime Audio Book] The Legend of Yuelin 01 Eng Sub | Chinese Historic Romance Drama 1080P 
[Anime Audio Book] The Legend of Yuelin 02 Eng Sub | Chinese Historic Romance Drama 1080P


 The Legend of Yuelin 03 Eng Sub




Synopsis: 2021 Anime Audio Book "The Legend of Yuelin 世家公卿之樂霖傳" is about a legendary love story of Wei Jie and Yue Lin in Jin Dynasty. Wei Jie is the grandson of Wei Guan, who is a famous official of the Jin Dynasty. Yue Lin is the daughter of the famous scholar Yue Guang. They were engaged by their parents and connected by a strange dream. Then Wei"s Family was executed by Empress Jia Nanfeng after the "Yang Jun Event". 8-years-old Wei Jie survived because of his absence. From that moment, Wei Jie devoted himself to the battle with Empress Jia Nanfeng. Yue Lin witnessed all his strategies, tricks, and plans. She feared and refused but finally admired and loved him. Jia Nanfeng was finally killed by the princes of Jin who were assisted by Wei Jie. After the “War of the Eight Princes” and “Invasion and rebellion of the Five Barbarians”, the Jin government became weak and fell at the “Disaster of Yongjia” event. Wei Jie believed that it was his revenge to lead the chaos. So he supported different princes and tried his best to re-build a peaceful world. At last, Prince Sima Rui established Eastern Jin Dynasty with the support of Wei Jie and other famous big families. Wei Jie saved the world and redeemed himself. Unexpectedly he chose to resign and lived a simple but happy life with his wife Yue Lin and their kids!




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