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08.03.2022 00:01 - Тракийска резиденция Кози Грамади
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✅ Thracian residence Kozi Gramadi is a place that will impress you not only with its captivating views, but also with the history that this place preserves! The place has been on the board for some time, and it wasn"t until I started gathering information about it that I realized how interesting it was, what things could be seen there, and what had happened at that place in the past. This is one of the few places in Bulgaria that have been fully explored and one of many that have been completely neglected by the state. It is extremely painful for me to watch such cultural monuments crumble and attract thousands of tourists a year. Apparently, of all the discovered sites in the Thracian complex, they had everything in this place. From defensive and observation towers to rock shrines to worship the gods. Of course, the location was chosen strategically, and the video shows why, the view is simply phenomenal. We are literally walking one of the most ancient stories not only in Bulgaria but also in the world. Actions changed the course of history. Hopefully one day we will realize what a valuable asset we have and develop it in the right direction. I hope you liked this piece of Bulgarian history, if you have not enjoyed Sredna Gora enough, you can see our other suggestions for interesting destinations in this area. Discover Bulgaria and the dams of Bulgaria are series with which we aim to show some of the most unique places in Bulgaria: ✅ Pyasachnik Dam and its tombs related sites: https://bit.ly/3EFZzCF ✅ Tomb near Starosel Chetinyova mound, connected site: https://bit.ly/3k4HAxQ ✅ The submerged city of Seuthopolis: https://youtu.be/gXwX8B078Yo ✅ All other videos we have about Bulgaria: https://bit.ly/3D2ou2t ✅ Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/plamentravel... ✅ The starting point of the route: https://bit.ly/2YcLtJr ✅ You can follow all the hikes and cycling we do in Strava: https://bit.ly/2F9ZvSh ✅ This channel is the place where I share with you my impressions of visiting unique places in Bulgaria. The goal is for more people to get acquainted with the beauties and beauties of Bulgaria. Support the channel by hitting a subscribe and kicking the bell to receive notifications when we upload new videos from our experiences and travels ✅ What I shoot with: ✅ Canon M50 mk1: https://bit.ly/3C9QC3A ** ✅ Canon M50 mk2: https://bit.ly/3EbJIM7 ** ✅ Insta 360 One R Action Camera: https://bit.ly/3b3UIP6 ** DJ Drone DJI Mini 2: https://bit.ly/2ZdWaMA ** ✅ Canon 10-18 lens: https://bit.ly/2Ze6yE3 ** Sig Sigma 17-50 lens: https://bit.ly/3m5M9cT ✅ External battery 20 000mAh: https://bit.ly/3m3oDgC ** ✅ Hama tripod: https://bit.ly/3ClTV8h ** Man Manfrotto 290 dual tripod: https://bit.ly/3m1i65X ✅ Video chapter Manfrotto mhxpro-2w: https://bit.ly/3b4JM3M ✅ Mini tripod: https://bit.ly/2XA0QLE ** ✅ Drone filters: https://bit.ly/3m2lHRk ** ✅ Camera filter: https://bit.ly/3m4XfyA ** ✅ Pocket knife: https://bit.ly/2XFjn9y ** ✅ Manfrotto Befree 310 Backpack: https://bit.ly/3C6Awb2 Man Manfrotto Off Road Backpack: https://bit.ly/3C6SQRz ✅ Neewer Steadicam: https://amzn.to/3ndXsPu ** ** Affiliate links, ordering through them support with a small percentage of the channel, thanks! #PlamenTV # SrednaGora # Bulgaria The Bulgarian Machu Picchu in Sredna Gora Thracian Residence Kozi Gramadi ep 35


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